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Local job opportunities

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Are you passionate about helping small businesses succeed?

Steven Stumbris

Are you a business-building strategist looking for an opportunity to shine? Challenge accepted - we're hiring!

Lauri Moon

Candidates must be compassionate and caring.

Cheryl Reichart

Candidate must demonstrate cooperation and coordination with other agency services.

Jennifer Billig

Andrea Bishop

In search of Electronic Technicians to join our cohesive workforce and would involve a wide range of electrical and electronics-related work in a large manufacturing facility.

Jason Huff

Candidate must be dedicated and mission-driven to join our passionate team.

Lauri Moon

Candidate must demonstrate excellent managerial customer service to the community and residents.

Jennifer Larsh

Implement the appropriate sales strategies and tactics that lead to a favorable position for the Company,

Ginnetta Reed

Implement strategies and tactics that lead to a favorable position for the Company along with teamwork to make the Company successful.

Ginnetta Reed

Fabricate and/or install door and windows for Company clients.

Ginnetta Reed

An exciting opportunity for an experienced full-time professional within the non-profit field.

Renee Gerringer
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